Daily comment

I am terribly sorry to all for not constantly updating my site. I have been Working as a photographer for photos to upload onto a customers website hazelbrookhealthfood.com and I am hoping to adding content to the site soon.


Daily comments

Start of the school holidays. I will be posting more often and I apologize for not posting more often.

Random tip

Car photography: tip 1) if you have a lower shutter speed and follow the subject through as you press the shutter release the background will be blurred to give the illusion that the car is moving.

Tip 2) using flash during daytime will reduce darker spots and shadows on the car.

Tip 3) always use a telephoto lens to zoom in on the subject so you don’t lose detail from cropping and editing.

Daily exposures

I have gotten some shots of the cars heading up mountain straight whipping up a wind tunnel effect with the droplets of rain, I have also gotten an amazing Ghosting effect of the Clearwater Ferrari. All photos will be published on my blog on either Monday or Tuesday afternoon, so check back daily for the new content!