Daily exposures

For an amateur photographer you will only need a basic kit, and until you branch of into specific photography like architecture or portrait.

all you will need mostly are the following; camera body, a great camera for amateurs such as me is either the Nikon D5100 or the canon 700D. Both offer a reasonable price range and exceptional photo quality. Wide angle to regular lens, a great small size lens that I use is an 18-55mm nikkor DX lens. Small telephoto lens, all photographers need at least a smaller range telephoto lens, I have a nikkor 55-300mm telephoto lens, the uses for this lens can vary a lot, from shots of wildlife so as to not disturb the animal to portrait shots so you don’t get distortion from a smaller lens and so you don’t get in the subjects face too much with flash.

This is the basic kit you will need for amateur photography and it has served me well so far.



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